About Tactical Arenas


Tactical Arenas, provides people of India a platform to experience Military Simulation Sports, the most authentic Military Laser Tag which is rarely present in the country. 

Military Simulation refers to non-lethal armed confrontation scenarios conducted by the civilians. This activity strives to realistically simulate the experience of armed combat. 

To make this sport more realistic, CRAIC Team designs, built  Hollywood ambient arenas and uses realistic Ir-Weapons.

With advanced technology, immersive ambience arenas, B.R.E.T, Tactical Arenas is the only place in India where you Live The Game.

Who we are

Best Equipment

About Us

We are a bunch of enthusiastic gamers who will make you experience Military Simulation Sports

Tactical Arenas

Mission Statement

CRAIC Entertainment delivers India’s only non-lethal Military Simulation Sports enabling users to experience military environment. Our state-of-the-art equipment along CRAIC Engine primarily focuses on revolutionising fire arm simulation.


Vision Statement

Guided by integrity and commitment to leadership, excellence and professionalism, we provide our clients the best military simulation sports and services and to be a game changer and leader in fire arm simulation industry by constantly using innovative technology to upgrade ourselves.

What makes us the best

Most advanced software

Advanced Tachnology

The software that controls the equipment and various systems like sound, light, props in the arena.

Real ambience

Biggest Indoor Arena

Our  arena transports you to a different world. Tactical Arenas Urban Battle design is similar to a Urban  city.

Best equipment in world

The Ir-Guns

Shipped from various countries and crafted in Bangalore , we are proud to present to you reliable and realistic equipment.