About Us

Who We Are

We are a bunch of college graduate and office going guys. We used to play  PC game, XBOX and got bugged of it. We got bugged of watching war movies and tv show. So we decided to get the battlefield closest to our house and we got it. We have brought military simulation for people of India. 


Our Vision

To lead in Military Simulation platform in India. 

Our Mission

To provide a Military Simulation platform for people of India to experience the life of frontline solders.

What make us unique

Realistic Weapons

With state-of-the-art weapons, reliable partners overseas and few selected items from various parts of world we have finally come up with the most unique sports.

Advanced Technology

With 9th generation RGB laser tag technology and high invested BRET. We are the only one to provide 99% military simulation to civilian. (1% counts for bullet)

Quality Guaranteed

You’ll forget the outside world once you enter the arena. We guarantee you it is worth it. We’re here to fulfill your dreams.