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26/4, 5ft floor, adjacent to Sandal Soap Factory Metro Station, Rajajinagar, Bangalore karnataka, india

Tactical Arenas

India's most Advanced Military Simulation Laser Tag in Bengaluru


Experience Military Simulation for FIRST TIME IN INDIA

Military Simulation AKA MilSim


Experience real-life combat for the first time with realistic weapons and B.R.E.T

Play with Realistic Weapons


Play with most realistic weapons in India. Only in Tactical Arenas.

Challenge Your Friends


Your friend speaks a lot about computer games. Shut their mouth by shooting them.


Military Simulation


CRAIC Entertainment is proud to present you world’s most authentic Military Simulation in Bengaluru . A sport which is famous in Russia, USA, Europe, Japan and other part of the world is now available in India only for you through Tactical Arenas. For the first-time people of India can experience the stress Indian Armed Force and Police department go through in those crucial minutes of their job.


We have made Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, PUBG, Battlefield game REAL. Be part of a special task force, accomplishing multiple missions. Pick a weapon of your choice: Pistol, Shotgun, Sub Machine Gun, Assault Rifle, Light Machine Gun, Sniper and Rocket Propelled Gun and fire away.


We, at Tactical Arenas have brought the battlefield to life by adding PAIN PENALTY using B.R.E.T (Bullet Recreation Effect Technology). This means, you get shot, you get pained. Reminding you not to get hit again.


This is not painted plywood wall and Inflatable balloons. Tactical Arenas means blown out cement wall, remodeled tank and cars, sandbags around the war zone. Intense sound effect to immerse you into the world of combat. Sound of jet flying overhead, bullets flying around, artillery pounding every direction. DMX system will make you fight in day or night, dawn or dusk with multiple mission. 

We want you to be a part of Tactical Arenas, help us bring this total combat experience to life.


This is not your amateur laser tag or paintball.


This is Military Simulation Sports.

Only at Tactical Arenas in Bengaluru.

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Tactical Arenas - Urban Battle in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.

Tactical Arenas

26/4, 5ft floor, adjacent to Sandal Soap Factory Metro Station, Rajajinagar, Bangalore karnataka, india

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