tactical laser tag

Biggest Indoor laser tag arena

Play in Biggest indoor laser tag arena in India. With 4000sqft arena solider can freely move around giving 190sqft for each player.

Immersive enviornment

one arena, 4 mode, multiple mission, heart pounding sound and fog machine. That is what Tactical Laser Tag is. 

Play with B.R.E.T

Make the game more intense with B.R.E.T. Remember it is pain penalty. 

More Information

Tactical Laser Tag

Tactical laser tag is all about indoor laser tag. 4000sqft Is big space to move around. Items in arena are similar to real life market item.

Weapon used

Participate with pistol, SMG and shotguns. Don't worry we have AK-12 designed for this purpose. Amazing new, few of these have picatinny rail.

Play with B.R.E.T

Make it more interesting with B.R.E.T. Remember when you get shot you get pained. B.R.E.T makes the game more intense by making you move constantly.

Sheild and breaching tools

With multiple breaching doors, the players will be equipped with heavy breaching kit and heavy shield. Move around with remodeled SWAT shield and finish your mission

Immersive environment

Integrated software controlling DMX lights, UV lights, loudspeaker, fog machine and multiple sensors. you will forget outside world.

Safety Rules

For safety reason we advice player to wear comfortable clothes. Clothes covering elbow and knee is compulsory.  Shoes are recommend. Flip-flop and scandal are not advised as it is a sports. Gloves are compulsory for safety.