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You don't have to worry about this. You approach us with space and we will help you set-up the best Military Simulation sports in your city. We will provide you the arena design, equipment, code of conducts, marketing ways and other things.

We will help you. Stay tuned. We will start sharing details in few weeks.

For Franchise information Contact

Mr M - +91-9008045118

Mr A - +91-8867637241

Mr N - +91-9986409721


Why to choose craic team?

Arena Development

Full support is available from experienced gaming architects to develop realistic and compatible scenarios from any location. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Business Development

We will support you to develop your arena at local and state level, through sale to merchandise with themed events, CRAIC software including full staffing support and reduced hire costs for large scale even.

Event Management

We appreciate the time and effort required to organise and run events of any time. That’s why we offer full out door events management support, freeing up your valuable time to ensure the very best games are designed and executed.

Arena Territory Protection

CRIAC Entertainment franchise ensures no competition within a set radius of your business location. Put simply, no party can offer Tactical Arenas gaming services within a set kilometers of your operation. Guaranted exclusivity ensures you can invest time and effort in building a loyal customer base with no risk from rival operations undercutting and devaluing your brand.

Support & Maintenance

We provide full support and product maintenance at minimal cost  and six-monthly maintenance visits to ensure your business operates at peak efficiency.

Brand Campaigns

We pledge to help you in driving brand awareness through highly targeted online marketing. Our dedicated team of professional marketers with over 15 years’ experience, will serve multiple advertising campaigns through industry leading channels, targeting key audiences engaging with relevant content online only.