Indoor arena

Biggest Indoor Military Laser Tag


Tactical Laser Tag is an Indoor, Close Quarter gunfight arena where the ambience is recreated in a built-up Hollywood set. The games are mission-based, primarily aimed at developing tactical thinking, communication and team-work. The individual score is not important here but teamwork and leadership are. 

Most technologically advanced ambience


The environment in Tactical Arenas - Military Laser Tag is controlled by CRAIC Engine. In TA-UB, the environment like Jungle, Night, the village can be created. 

CQG in SWAT style


Close Quarter Gunfight participated in a close place like Urban terrain. Meaning tight space, less place to run and more use of Ir-pistol and Ir- Smg with Shield



Be the talk-of-the-town by hosting a private laser tag at your get-together. We bring Tactical Arenas to your doorstep whether home or office. Call us for more information.


Outdoor Arena

Military Laser Tag is outdoor, ambience created, Guerrilla Gunfight Arena.

Arenas coming soon in Bengaluru...

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