Military Laser Tag

Largest outdoor laser tag arena

Play in the largest laser tag arena in India. Spreading across 13000sqft.

Realistic Weapons

Weapons with picatinny rail. This means you can mount sight, scope, laser sight, torch sight, grip, mobile mount, bipod and many more.

Bring in Combat Experience

Pick up your rifle and complete various mission similar to military mission

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Military Laser Tag

Playin the biggest outdoor lasertag arena inIndia. with 13000sqft area.

Weapon used

Player can choice rifles, SMG, LMG or Sniper. RPG used for special mission.

Go live on FB, Insta and youtube

With Mobile mount you can stream your gameplay live on FB, Instagram and YouTube. Challenge your friends for a battle.

Sniper nest and machine gun bunker

With hiding spots for sniper and bunker for machine gun. make a strategic plan to complete the mission.

Immersive environment

The war zone is designed after world war II battles. This means you will find real treanches, sandbags, remodeled tank, artillery post. We are the only one to provide a war zone to play in.

Safety Rules

For safety reason we advice player to wear comfortable cloths. Cloths covering elbow and knee is compulsory. Shoes are recommend. Flip-flop and scandal are not advised as it is a sports. Knee and elbow guards are provided in the arena. Gloves are compulsory for safety.