Indoor laser tag

Military Laser Tag is an Indoor, Close Quarter gunfight arena where the ambience is recreated in a built-up Hollywood set. The games are mission-based, primarily aimed at developing tactical thinking, communication and team-work. The individual score is not important here but teamwork and leadership are. Above everything else, it's fun to gang up with your buddies and have fun shooting.

1st arena - Tactical Arenas Urban Battle, Adjacent to Soap Factory Metro Station, Bengaluru

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About MIlitary laser tag


Biggest Indoor Military Laser Tag

Tactical Arenas Urban Battle is the biggest CQG arena in India. Spacing 3800 sqft, TA - UB is replicates an Urban City ambience in a real-life movie studio.


Most technologically advanced ambience

The environment in Tactical Arenas - Military Laser Tag is controlled by CRAIC Engine. In TA-UB, the environment like Jungle, Night, the village can be created. 


CQG in SWAT style

Close Quarter Gunfight participated in a close place like Urban terrain. Meaning tight space, less place to run and more use of Ir-pistol and Ir- Smg with Shield



Space ambience

Tactical Arenas has designed the arena to provide sufficient space for every player involved in the mission. This means 14 people can participate in the mission at any given time.

Sharp corners

Arenas in TA have 30*, 45*, 60* and 90* corners. This means you watch your corners, plan and engage

Close Quarter Gunfight

With CQG like SWAT, use of Shield is very important for gaining strategic advantage

B.R.E.T 2.0

The only place in India where people above the age of 21 can experience Pain Penalty, meaning experience pain when shot at

Small IR-Guns only

As the arena is tight, IR-Pistol or IR-SMG is recommended.

Breacher Door

We are introducing Breacher Door soon. Meaning you can hammer it or crowbar it.