Most of the information regarding Tactical Arenas are displayed below. 

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What is Military Laser Tag?

Military Laser Tag is a sport and entertainment. It is an ultra-realistic first-person shooter experience in an ambient arena using the same equipment used by Military in mock war drill

What is Military Simulation Sports?

Military Simulation refers to armed confrontation scenarios conducted by civilians for entertainment purposes.

How is it played?

Every player in Tactical Arenas has hit points. Every gun has a different damage. When the player is shot at, the vest glows red. When the player is shot dead, the vest  stays red and the gun stops working.

Gun Damage

All the guns from shotgun to sniper have different damage. Higher the damage, lower the firing rate. 

The arena

The arena is similar to the branch name. The CRAIC Engine simulates different scenario from day to night and dusk to dawn. We have fog mode too.

First aid kit

Every branch has a first aid kit for primary medical emergency. For any further treatment, we have multiple hospitals in 1 km radius.

How heavy are the guns

Most of the guns weigh similar to real guns. Few like MP9 and AK12 are 2 kg.

Is the game over when you are shot dead?

Not at all. When you are shot dead, your equipment will be deactivated. You have to wait for your team to either lose or win the round. This happens multiple  times in the time limit you have set.

Does it hurt?

It will not hurt in Normal mode. But with B.R.E.T there is a pain felt by your body when shot.

How accurate is the gun?

The guns have a good accuracy. The infrared rays shot from the gun spread to a certain diameter radius depending on the range.

Physical effort

Yes, you have to carry 2 to 12 kg kit and participate in the arena. This gives you a good workout.

Is it disabled-friendly?

We will try our best to accommodate, if slots are booked in advance.