Frequently Asked Questions

What is an military sports game?

Military sports games is also known as Military Simulation aka MILSIM, simulation in which theatrical warfare can be experienced by a soliders who participates in it.

Is it harmful?

It is not harmful. Craic Entertainment has created an war zone environment with custom built arena, props, lighting and audio system. 

How do I play MILSIM?

Don't worry about this. This is not real Military Simulation. The instructor will brief you about the game and mission in the debrief room

What kind of cloths should I wear?

As it is a physical intense sports. We recommend comfortable cloths. Sleeveless and mini shorts are not recommended for lack of safety. We recommend the player to bring their own gears or buy from us. Sports or trekking shoe is recommend for both Tactical and Military. For Military laser tag we will provide you gloves, knee and elbow guards. 

How many people can participate in a single game?

Up to 16 people can join in a single game. Number of player depends from each mission.

Do I need to book in advance?

Yes, you must book in advance only for customs missions. For playing normal missions you can walk-in. For B.R.E.T walk-in 30mins early.