Tactical team building for corporate

Introducing world's most effective team building.

Tactical Arenas conducts Tactical Team Building exercises designed to use military skills and scenarios, to develop leadership and teamwork. Tactical Team Building is not just about projecting physical strength but also qualities like leadership, strategy, clear communication, trust and quick thinking for solving situational or behavioral problems.

We don't tell you lift the log or balance on the plank or walk on the rope. We put you in the situation of those crucial minutes where what you do decides whether you live or die. Training in such situations teaches one to communicate effectively and trust their team leading to better team synergies.

Level 1: Team Morale - This program is designed to have fun, de-stress and improve team morale. Your group will have full access of the arena.

Level 2: Basic Leadership Training - Seek out or train your leader in a unique way. Groups are divided in 2 teams and a leader is chosen. The mission is outlined to the leaders and they in turn need to strategize and communicate with their team to win.  Instrotor evaluvate the performance during this level.

Level 3: Communication & Problem Solving - Your team will have a blast working together to solve complex problems. Your group will be given a complex mission and a set of tasks, a map and information is provided to solve the problem.

Level 4: Tactical Review -Host your brainstorming sessions, or planning meets or reviews at our arena, complete with thrilling missions to de-stress and café food. 

Level 5: Advanced Leadership Training - Class is taught by Ex-military official or Firearm instructor. Your team will learn What's Important Now (WIN) in regards to problem solving.  Leadership, Critical Thinking, Decision Making, Operating under pressure and dealing with success and failure are main elements.


Level 1 - Play for fun and rebuild the morale.

Level 2 - Team Deathmatch, Active Shooter, Bomb scenarios

Level 3 -  Complex mission like locker mission

Level 4 - Meeting


Celebrate birthday parties with full Josh

We have special offers for birthday parties. We do provide access to cafeteria during the game play time.

Extra charges applicable for reserving cafeteria beyond the game play time.

Visit the branch for finding more about menu.

Kids and Adult Mode

Parents are mandatory for kids between 10 to 13.

Respawn is on meaning they can play non stop for hours.

Mission - Terminator, Judge Dreed, Team Deathmatch and Zombie.


What's better than playing with B.R.E.T in reunion?

What's the best way to celebrate your Reunion Party? 

We provide game play, ambient ambience, cafeteria for food, Music and private party space.

Just call us to make a booking.

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Players can include B.R.E.T in this mode.