Bullet Recretion Effect Technology

One of the most unique about CRAIC Entertainment is B.R.E.T (Bullet Recreation Effect Technology) PAIN PENALTY FIRST TIME IN INDIA. We have made military simulation more realistic adding B.R.E.T.  

Increase the stress with the B.R.E.T. For only those who are above 18, B.R.E.T delivers a pain penalty to the player who wear it when shot. It increases your stress levels and ensures more tactical gameplay. 

B.R.E.T delivers a safe, localized shock to increase stress levels during game. The adjustable belt suits most sizes and it features an LED display for easy mode changing. 


This option is only available in Tactical Laser Tag. Coming soon to Military Laser Tag.

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Safety Regulation

For using B.R.E.T, please arrive in arena 30 mins before.

Player are suppose to display their ID Card to use the B.R.E.T

Player above 18 are allowed to use B.R.E.T

People with medical history of cardiac illness are not allow to use B.R.E.T.